Boston Double Reed, Inc.            Oboe Repair, Sales Specialists

255 Kelton Street. Unit #5
Allston, MA 02134 U.S.A
TEL/FAX 617-232-3592

" I have been in the Boston Symphony Orchestra's oboe section for ten years now. During this time Chikao has done almost all the repair work on my English horns, oboes and oboe d'amore. I can recommend his work most highly, without reservation. His meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and knowledge of the instrument place him with the top repair technician in the country. The fact that he is also an excellent oboist who has played with us in the BSO on many occasions greatly enhances his sensitivity to his craft."
Robert Sheena English horn, Boston Symphony Orchestra
" I recommend without reservation Chikao's meticulous workman ship in oboe repair. His many years of experience as a performer at the highest level have given him the ability to set up an oboe to please even the most demanding professionals. "
Mark McEwen  Oboist, Boston Symphony Orchestra Faculty, New England Conservatory of Music
"I have found Chikao Inomata to be very thorough and reliable in his repair work. He doesn't cut any corners and his work is of the best quality."
Jeff Rathbun
The Cleveland Orchestra